Heritage :: How it All Began

1929 :: Gaetano LoScerbo, an Italian landowner and farmer, begins to experiment with making ice cream from the fruit and dairy products produced on his farm in Amato, Italy. His son, Costantino, helps with the production and delivery to local customers. The first Amato Gelato Cafe is born.

1950 :: Mario LoScerbo, Costantino's son, learns the secrets of ice cream-making from his father and grandfather. As a young boy of seven, little does he know that these secrets will one day become his passion.

1959 :: Young Mario leaves southern Italy to learn the skills of Italian cuisine by studying as a chef in Milan, and as a pastry chef in Switzerland. Following his training, he practices his craft in restaurants, hotels and cruise ships in Europe.

1962 :: Mario immigrates to Canada - first to Winnipeg, Manitoba, then to Vancouver, B.C., where he soon opens a restaurant.

1976 :: While creating desserts for his restaurant clientele, Mario reconnects with the recipes of his youth. He discovers that the delicious gelati is a big hit with his restaurant regulars and he decides to go into ice cream in a big way!  Initially, he has a small ice cream machine in the back of his restaurant, but finds the space too restrictive. As Mario works with the recipes learned in his youth, his son, Costantino, is fascinated by the production of ice cream and soon develops a very discerning palate and a desire to create.

1988-1998 :: Mario opens a small production plant at Fifth Avenue and Main Street and begins to produce gelato on a large scale. Soon, Costantino joins him and together they build up a business which supplies 80% of the hotels and restaurants in Vancouver. Near the end of the nineties, due to their continued expansion and success, coupled with the commitment shown by Costantino to the business, the LoScerbos decide to further expand once again.

1989 :: The LoScerbos discover that their willingness to create new flavours, in particular, flavours which appeal to Vancouver's large Asian community has made them the foremost provider of ice cream products to Asian restaurants throughout western Canada.

1998 :: The beautiful new plant at First Avenue and Quebec Street in Vancouver, B.C. is opened. The large production plant area can now cope with expanded business, and the retail outlet, Amato Gelato Cafe, showcases the huge variety of flavours available for purchase.

1998 :: Mario's Gelati is asked to come up with a custom order of Stilton gelato for one of Vancouver's larger hotels. They later find out that their new gelato has been created for the lavish dinner prepared in honour of Prince Charles.

1999 :: Villa Amato, the 600 seat ballroom, opens atop the new building. Weddings in the sumptuous room soon begin to feature ice cream buffets, and, now, almost all patrons request the delicious selection of gelati and sorbetti for their guests.

Today :: With four generations of gelato production under their belt father and son have made Mario's Gelati a household name. The family business has continued to grow to include an ever expanding client base that ranges from hotel and restaurant chains to international airlines. You can now find the Mario's name across North America, Asia and South America. However, if you live in the lower mainland you don't have to travel very far to find your favourite product. Amato Gelato retail locations are now located throughout the Vancouver area and even as far as Alberta. You can also purchase the product at specialty stores and supermarkets.

The family pride and tradition, combined with the constant desire for innovation will take the company forward well into the years ahead.