Bliss Bars / Stick Novelties

The word "Bliss" means supreme happiness or utter joy and that's just what these bars will do for you. Available in 8 flavours for you to enjoy. 24 per case

Bliss Bars / Stick Novelties

Our novelties are great for grabbing and going!

Banana Chocolate Bars more For the monkey in all of us. Banana gelato dipped in Belgian milk chocolate

Coconut Mango Bars more A tropical treat! Coconut gelato encased with Alphonso mango sorbetto

Espresso Dark Chocolate more A new addition to our product line! Velvety smooth espresso gelato dipped in premium dark chocolate.

Green Tea Bars more Antioxidant packed! Our famous imported green tea gelato to go

Hedge Hog Bars more Not only for Christmas! Hazelnut gelato dipped in Belgium milk chocolate

Mango Bars more Pure Alphonso mango gelato ready to go!

Strawberry Kiwi Bars more New Zealand kiwi sorbetto encased in locally grown strawberry sorbetto

Vanilla bean chocolate bar more A new addition to our bliss bar family. A classic treat for all ages. Our famous vanilla bean gelato dipped in gourmet milk chocolate.