Mario's Loscerbo

About Mario's

"Mario's Gelati is, without a doubt, the pioneer of gelato in Vancouver."  - The Georgia Straight.

Starting out with a small dream, a whole lot of passion and a love of homegrown ingredients, Gaetano LoScerbo began crafting& selling gelato out of a tiny cart in a small rural town in Southern Italy in 1929. With fruit, nuts, honey and dairy so readily available, it just made sense to cool down the town with these frozen delights. Little did he know that the basics he started with would be passed down and refined into something much larger than his small delivery cart of goodness.

Three generations later, that very same delicious gelato was brought to Vancouver in the late 70's by Gaetano's great-grandson Mario. Mario's Gelati took off, creating a family business that remains proud of their Italian heritage and the unparalleled experience and knowledge they bring with it. The number one focus of their gelato production has always been the use of high quality ingredients, that are sourced locally whenever possible, in combination with their historically proven formulations. The result? An award winning, long lasting hit in households near and far.

Today, Mario's Gelati offers a full line of gelato products that include, traditional sorbetto, frozen yogurt, novelties, single portion specialties and Italian ice cream cakes. You can find a full line of options, from bulk to retail, in various sizes, as well as frozen desserts that keep dietary concerns in mind whether it's vegan, no-sugar, low cholesterol or no-gluten delights.

But what if you have your own ice cream idea, or need your exact production requirements met? Not to worry! Mario's Gelati has years of experience in creating custom products, to your specifications in your own packaging too!

What also makes Mario's Gelati unique is its ability to work with both large scale corporations and smaller scale independent shops or restaurants. Personalized attention and service is always provided along with the highest concern for food safety. With an in-house lab and quality assurance team on the premises, Mario's is proud to be a provincially, federally and 3rd party accredited family business serving up gelato to the highest standards of perfection.

From their classic flavours to the more obscure, one thing Mario's Gelati knows for sure, "You lick it, you'll like it!" Because one taste, says it all!

If you have any questions or would like to order for your food service business, please contact us or complete our account set up form. Should you wish to create your own gelato or custom dessert, please fill out our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.