Grab & Go retail Novelties

Pre-packages stick novelties, gelato sandwiches, almond covered ball top cones, fruit based calipops and mini cups.


Bliss Bars

The word "Bliss" means supreme happiness or utter joy and that's just what these delicious gelato treats on a stick will give you. Available in 7 mouth watering flavours.

Cono Palla

This flavour packed, high quality, grab & go treat is like no other on the market. Try it once and you'll be hooked.


A Mario's classic. Kids have grown up indulging in our fruit packed, sorbetto filled Calipops. This no fat, non-dairy, fun filled option is the perfect guilt free teat for all ages.

Gelato Biscotto Sandwiches

Nostalgia mixed with an Italian twist brings you Gelato Biscotto, also known as Ice Cream Sandwiches.  Try them in three gelato flavours, classic Vanilla, cool Mint & caffeine kick Mocha to see which one is your new favourite.

Mini Cups

Tiny but tasty! These perfectly portioned mini-cups with spoon included are available in Vanilla Bean, Pink & Blue bubblegum, Hedgehog, Salted Caramel, Mango Sorbetto, Raspberry Sorbetto & Strawberry Lemon Sorbetto. Treat yourself!