Proud participant of the BC Buy Local Program

Local business supporting Local businesses.

British Columbia is one of the best places in the world to find locally grown agricultural food products. Its rich soil and mild climate produce a wealth of fresh fruits, vegetables & livestock, grown and raised by family-owned farms.

We proudly support BC's local farms by sourcing the freshest fruit and dairy ingredients to create our gelato desserts. Naturally, buying from within the local food system helps to create better quality products, reduces our carbon footprint and supports the local economy.

We know that these things are important to you too, and we thank you for being a part of a local community that cares about the people and the environment we live in.


Doing everything we can for a greener tomorrow

Mario's Gelati is part of a program that takes responsibility for collecting and recycling all packaging materials that are released into the residential stream across British Columbia. Our contribution to this program ensures that any packaging that is used in the sale of our products is picked up, separated into appropriate categories & is recycled for future use. The great part about this program is that it has broadened the types of products that are not commonly included such as wax covered paper products, foam containers, plant pots, aluminum foil packaging and much more. So not only are we working to eliminate any waste we are responsible for, but we are also funding & supporting recycling beyond our waste output.

While taking care to ensure that any waste is recycled from the products we produce, Mario's Gelati also works hard to recycle and re-use in other ways. Whether it be from minimizing our usage of printed paper in our offices to the correct composting of organic waste in production and eliminating superfluous use of energy in our entire facility, we understand that it is our responsibility to take care of both our environment and our community. We know that every bit counts when it comes to our future and sustainability of our environment.



Supporting charitable causes is a passion

Mario's Gelati and Amato Gelato support local charities including the Children's Hospital Foundation, the BC Cancer Society, Cops for Kids, local school boards and many other charitable causes within the lower mainland. We believe investing in great causes is our way of making a difference for a better tomorrow. For more information on how you can receive charitable donations, please submit your request below.