bulk sizing info

Whether you're scooping up cones or providing a side to your dessert, we offer 3 sizes of bulk gelato containers to suit your needs.  

container sizes
  • 5 Litre Rectangular Containers for Standard Italian Made Scoop Freezers

  • 5.7 Litre Round Bulk Containers

  • 11.4 L Round Bulk Containers

Estimated number of scoops out of each size: 5L - 33 scoops, 5.7L 38 scoops, 11.4L 76 scoops Note: Scoop size can vary and are provided as estimates only.


Gelato Artigianale

Traditional, premium quality gelato providing a creamy, dense, flavour intense experience. Low fat, with natural ingredients and less butterfat makes this the number one choice for any gelato connoisseur.

Gelato Sorbetto

Made from natural ingredients sourced from around the world, our traditional sorbetto serves a refreshing flavour packed, non-dairy, no fat, vegan-friendly option.  Perfect for fruit lovers, vegans & vegetarians.

Gelato Commerciale

Our classically smooth Italian Ice Cream line includes all the necessary flavour basics of gelato. Available in 5.7L sizes with select flavours available in our larger 11.4L tub.

Gelato Commerciale with extra additions

All the greatness of your classic Italian ice cream with all the extras. Get these flavours with additional ingredients, ripples, nuts, cookies or a marble of two complementing flavours. Available in 5.7L sizes with select flavours available in our larger 11.4L tub.


Healthy but tasty, our house cultured smooth & creamy premium yogurt offers a tart option for yogurt lovers. Great with fruit, in shakes or by itself.


Tofulati is our delicious non-dairy, soy-based frozen dessert with the taste and texture of premium Italian ice cream. It is lactose free, contains no cholesterol and no animal products, yet it is still packed with creamy flavour.

5 Litre Flavours

For Please click below to see our full 5L Flavour List.


More flavours & Sizes

Other flavours available upon request with minimum order. Prices according to flavour. Advance notice required. Please contact us for more details.